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The Digi-Destined
(of Digimon 02)

Here they are.  The new kids chosen to be the Digi-Destined who travel to the Digiworld to save it once again from new evildoers....one of them being a Digi-Destined as well.

To see what has happened to the old Digi-Destined, go to the respective page in the "Zero-Two" section of Digimon

Name: Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
Digimon:  Veemon
Crests:  Courage / Friendship

This is your leader of the new Digi-Destined, despite many peoples' opinions.  Davis believes he is the leader because Tai, who also considered himself the leader of the old Digi-Destined, gave Davis his old goggles.  He can get aggressive........jumping into situations too quickly sometimes, and he can lose his cool once and a while.  

Davis likes Kari as much as TK does.....in fact, Kari knows this well, and takes advantage of her and TK's friendship to make Davis jealous.  He also tends to call TK by the wrong name a lot.  (TA, TJ, etc)

His Digimon is Veemon (or V-mon, whichever you prefer), whom he met when he aquired the Digi-Egg of Courage in the first episode.  Like Davis, he is energetic Digimon who's always ready to battle when the situation calls for it.

Name:  Miyako "Yolei" Inoue
Age:  12
Grade:  6th
Digimon:  Hawkmon
Crests:  Love / Sincerity

Yolei acts a LOT like Mimi did in Digimon 01 in the earlier eps of 02.  The first minute trouble arises in her first trip to the Digiworld, she wants to go home.  She also quotes on her clothes as being 'cool' in the second ep......unfortunately I BEG to differ.  (ducks from various spoiled fruits and veggies being hurled @ him).....OK, OK!! They're not THAT bad looking.  Look at the pic to the right and make your own judgement.  ^_^

As for personality, like I said above, she can be whiny, and doesn't quite catch on when it comes to guys.  She almost acted like Davis in one ep, being pushy and wanting the Digimon Kaizer defeated.  That attempt ended up with her Digimon getting hurt.

Her Digimon, by the way, is Hawkmon, a bird with a British accent, which I happen to like.

Name:  Iori "Cody" Hida
Age:  9
Grade:  3rd
Digimon:  Armadillomon
Crests:  Knowledge / Reliability

Cody is the youngest of the new kids....he's only 9.  He lives with his mother and 'prune-juice drinking' grandfather.  His father died while on duty (I assume police officer).  Thus, Cody is typically soft-spoken, hence his voice, and doesn't say anything when nothing needs to be said.  He also tends to get cut down by Davis whenever he jumps in with a solution to a problem that might work.  (Shame on you Davis)

Catch the kendo stick in the opening title sequence?  Cody also trains in the Japanese sword fighting skill of 'kendo' under his grandfather's watchful eye.  (I know absolutely NOTHING about kendo except what I stated above, so you may want to surf a few sites on Japanese history and culture.)

Cody's Digimon partner is Armadillomon.  Since armadillos mainly come from the South U.S.A. (e.g.: Texas), its only fitting that he has the Southern accent to go with it, although some fans find it annoying....which I don't.

Name:  Hikari "Kari" Kamiya
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
Digimon:  Gatomon
Crest:  Light

An older, wiser Kari than who we were introduced to in the 8th Child arc of Season 01.  She no longer suffers from constant sickness like in the past.  The thing around her neck is a digital camera....she's into photography in 02.

She and TK are still good friends in the second season, and this tends to drive Davis up the wall, as he has a thing for Kari.  Seeing this, Kari likes to play jokes on him or pretend to like TK more to tee Davis off.  Not quite the sweet and caring Kari you used to know, now is it?....

She still has Gatomon with her.  However, Gatomon is a bit weaker than last season, because she lost her tail ring, which is what made her more powerful.

Name:  Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
Digimon:  Patamon
Crest:  Hope

TK isn't the little shrimp you remember from Season 01 anymore.  No way...he's shot up like a weed in 4 years.  He is very popular and is the star basketball player on his school's team.

He and his mom moved into the same apartment complex that Yolei and Cody live in, meaning he is closer to the other half of his family (Matt and his father), thus he is able to see Matt more often.  

He usually tends to make the smarter decisions as to what the Digi-destined will do next, ruling out Davis's suggestions more often than not.  Again, this gets Davis teed off sometimes, and starts rattling off about him being leader and should make all the decisions.  

Patamon is still his Digimon, by the way.

Name:  Ken Ichijouji
aka: "Digimon Kaizer (Emperor)"
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
Digimon:  Wormmon
Crest:  Kindness

Ken is the first major enemy the Digi-destined have to face.  So you wonder why I included him in the Digi-destined profiles?  It's because he IS a Digi-destined......just not when we first see him.  He had a horrible past (see "Crest of Friendship" and " " eps to learn about his past), and a Dark Digivice which led him to becoming the Digimon Kaizer (the dub says "Emperor", but "Kaizer" sounds cooler so I'll call him by that).  He is one of the smartest kids in school (probably smarter than Izzy)

His plot is to take over the Digiworld and make all Digimon obey him, by use of Dark Rings, Spirals, and Control Spires.  Of course, each attempt fails, until he gets fed up and creates his ultimate Digi-weapon.....Kimeramon.  It takes 3 eps and Wormmon's last bit of power to have Davis's Digmon defeat the Kaizer for good.  This reverts Ken back to his old self once he realizes what he had done wrong.  Wormmon, however, bites the dust.

Stated above, his Digimon is Wormmon, whom he treated pretty badly while in his Kaizer form throughout the arc.  He ultimately 'dies' * at least once.  However, once Ken re-discovers his true self, Wormmon is 'reborn' in Primary Village.

(* note: Digimon don't really 'die'.....they are reconfigured and 're-born' in Primary Village.  In the case of Wizardmon though, he is legally 'dead' because he bit the dust in the real world in the first Season)

Name:  Wallace "Willis"
Age:  ???
Grade:  ???
Digimon:  2 of them, 
Terriermon & Kokomon
Crest:  ???

Wallace (Willis in the dub) is a Digi-destined from Colorado, USA.

He plays a major role in the 3rd part of the Digimon Movie.  He's responsible for creating Diaboramon, the virus Digimon that attacked the Internet in the second part of the movie.

He has a pair of Digimon, Terriermon and Kokomon.  However, Kokomon was taken over by a virus and he mutated.  He ended up being destroyed. 

At first, Wallace isn't very open about what he'd done, but once Davis convinces him, he starts talking.  They've since become good friends.  He is also friends with Izzy (via E-mail, since Izzy's in Japan)

Name:  Michael
Age:  ???
Grade:  ???
Digimon:  ???
Crest:  ???

Not much is known about Michael, except that he is one of Mimi's friends from America....where Mimi lives in Digi 02.  He usually goes with Mimi back to Japan when she goes to visit her old friends.







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