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The Compete Episode List

This probably won't be worth much except for nostalgic reasons as SPC is off the air as of this page's publish time, but here is the complete run down of episodes that SPC had in it's run.  I got this list from SPC Online, and reconfigured it into a table format so it's easier to understand.

Next to the EP # is a set of 3 columns.  Each part of the world had its own set of episodes run, and this will show you what was run and what was skipped.  Due to censorship in the USA, 8 episodes were scrapped entirely from the lineup.  4 ended up not running in Canada due to Saban's mistake of not throwing in those said episodes into the set of tapes for YTV, and the UK and most other parts of the world got all 52 dubbed episodes, out of 54.

S - Skipped EP / T - Untranslated EP

(Samurai Pizza Cats/Kyattou Ninden Teyandee TV Series)


Episode Title

1       Stop Dragon My Cat Around..
2       If You Knew Sushi Like I Knew Sushi
3       Underground, Underwater, Undercooked
4       The Great Golden Cluck
5       Let the Cellar Beware
6       Singing Samurai Sensations
7       The Nuclear Potato
8       Kind of a Drag
9       Double Trouble for Princess Vi
10 T T T Teyandee, This Is Nyankee
11       Hot & Cold Kitties
12       Candid Kitty
(clips ep)
13       The Pizza Cats are Only Human (Pt. 1 of 2)
14       The Pizza Cats are Only Human (Pt. 2 of 2)
15   S   Those Transformin' Felines!
16   S   The Case of the Bogus Billionaire
17   S   Big Cheese's I.Q. Corral
18       Field of Screwballs
19       Speedy's Double-Time Trick
20       Samurai Charm School
21   S   Drummin' Up Trouble With A Big Bad Beat
22       Pizza Bird Delivers!
23       Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance
24       Son of Big Cheese
25 S     Gender Bender Butterflies
26 S     Pizza Cat Performance Review
27       Cold & Crabby in Little Tokyo
28       The Terror of Prisoner Island
29       Destructo Robots @ Popular Prices
30       No Talent Guido
31 S     All You Need Is Love
32 S     Polly's Magical Flute 
33       Close Encounters of the Pig Kind
34 S     Big Cheese's High Definition TV
(clips ep)
35       Pizza Delievery of Doom
36       Youth Is For Exploding
37       Bad Bird Uncaged (Pt. 1 of 2)
38       Bad Bird Uncaged (Pt. 2 of 2)
39 S     A Mission To Manhattan
40       Unidentified Flying Oddballs
41       Princess Vi's Hippy-Dippy Mom
42       A Wet & Wild Weekend!
43 S     Kung-Fu Kitty Contest
44 S     Gone With The Ginzu
45 S     A Little Bit 'O Luck
46       Samurai Savings Time
47       Phony Baloney Cats
48 S     The Cheese Who Stole Christmas
49       Emperor Fred Does Hard Time
50 S     Quake, Rattle, & Roll
51 T T T How Mortifying!  Large Research of Big Cheese
52       The Big Comet Caper (Pt. 1 of 2 / Series Finale)
53       The Big Comet Caper (Pt. 2 of 2 / Series Finale)
54 S     The Cats Cop Cartoon Careers (Series Overveiw)
(clips ep made by Saban)

Things to Point out:

Ep's 10 and 51 were not translated.

"Gender Bender Butterflies" was not shown in the USA due to the plot setup.....where males change into female and vice versa.  This is seen as taboo in America, and therefore, wouldn't pass censors (at that time, circa 1996).  "Mission to Manhattan" was skipped due to controversial things......a couple reasons being that one of the NYC Pizza Cats carried a gun, and the overall setting of the episode......a very whacked out NYC.

As for the other skipped episodes......I'll have to ask my friends from the Great White North Country (Canada) as to why they may have been skipped over.  Until then, make your own assumptions.

Episode 54 is a complete re-work by the SPC crew.  It just had various clips pulled from the entire series, so for those who missed it.....you didn't miss much.

That makes "Big Comet Caper" the 'official' final episode of the series.



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