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The Story

This isn't so much of a 'story' because SPC really didn't have a continuous plot like most of today's TV anime does.  Think of this more as a 'primer' to SPC and what it's all about.

'Samurai Pizza Cats' takes place in a modernized city named Little Tokyo....or Edoropolis....as it's called in KNT.  It's inhabitants are anthropomorphic creatures....or shall I say.....animals with human traits, like being able to walk on their hind feet, talk, show emotions, etc.

The series follows the day-to-day happenings within Little Tokyo, and not everything that happens is always good.  In fact, in just about every episode of the series, something goes wrong.  Most of the trouble is caused by the city's Prime Minister.....Seymour "Big" Cheese.

Now you'd think "Well why doesn't the highest authority take care of the matter?".  Unfortunately, the highest authority is Emperor Fred, but he's mentally instable to look over an entire city.  Thus, the stars of the show, the "Samurai Pizza Cats" are called upon to take care of the evil schemes that the Big Cheese sets up.  This usually means a robot and his crew of nasty Ninja Crows, headed by Bad Bird & Jerry Atrick.

Who are the Pizza Cats?  Well, they're the main defense against evil in Little Tokyo.....namely, Speedy Cerviche (in white), Polly Esther (in red), & Guido Anchovy (in blue).  During most of their time, they run a prosperous pizza parlor called "Pizza Cat" (seen below) within the city.  However, when Big Al gives them the call that trouble is brewing, their parlor becomes more like the SPC HQ.  The Cats themselves, prepare for battle by jumping into secretly placed chutes (disguised as pizza ovens).  Within those, they are suited, loaded up, and launched by Francine (the parlor's owner) by means of a gun-shaped cannon connected to the roof.

When they land, it's their job to uncover and solve a scheme that the Big Cheese has set up.....usually to overthrow the city's government, or to overthrow the Cats.  Like I stated above, most of these plots involve a big robat or 2, and the Cats have to contend with that.  Add to THAT....the Rude Noise, and these Cat's REALLY have their hands......err....paws.....well you get the point already.  Lets just say they've got a lot of work to do.

This roundabout sequence goes on for 38 episodes (45 in Canada) until Big Cheese is finally dismissed from his position as Prime Minister and exiled.....no thanks to Princess Vi, the one who sends anyone who makes her angry to Prisoner Island.  The rat isn't happy about this and unveils his ultimate plot.....to destroy Little Tokyo by means of aiming a large comet at the city.  Then it's up to Speedy and Bad Bird (who was mostly out to get rid of the Cats before the finale) to join forces to destroy the comet before it makes connection and annihilates the entire city and it's citizens.

Speedy and Bad Bird come THIS () CLOSE to biting the dust.  However, to everyone's surprise, they make it with only a few scratches.  After Speedy and Polly admit their feelings for each other, and Bad Bird & Carla get back together, the rebuilding process begins, with no more threats from the Big Cheese and his crew of Ninja crows in the foreseeable future.

That's pretty much, the basic cut-&-dried premise of "Samurai Pizza Cats".  Don't forget to check out the other parts of this section to find out more about the cast, the original Japanese equivalent of SPC, and other little bits you may not have known about the series.




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