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Petitions To Get SPC Back on TV
(Or even a possible VHS/DVD re-issue)


This is NOT a petition form for SPC.  However, read on, as this page contains information and links to several petitions, including one I have begun to push for a VHS / DVD re-issue of SPC!!

Samurai Pizza Cats has been off the air for quite some time now......since September, 1997 for the USA and Canada.  The goal of these petitions is to get SPC back over here on Western shores in some way, shape, or form.  Whether it be on TV, or on VHS videotapes and/or DVDs, I feel I speak for most die-hard SPC fans when I say that the series is long overdue for a  re-issue, especially with anime as popular as it is now in the USA, compared to when SPC originally aired back in 1996-1997.

These on-line petitions have been started by other Pizza Cats fanatics that have the same goal as I do.....to see SPC back here in any accessible format.  Go to them and make your voice heard!!

(Thanks to Leota 'aka' "Cinnamon Roll" for the banner image. ^_^)

The link above leads to the page where my SPC on VHS / DVD petition is kept.  Please read through it's entirety before signing.  When the petition closes, all signatures will be compiled along with the statement, and sent off to the owners of SPC's master tapes.....in hopes that we will see it soon thereafter on VHS tapes and DVDs.

Thanks to PetitionOnline for the free hosting of the 'SPC on VHS / DVD' Petition.

This is the more active SPC petiton.  Run by the owner of "Princess Vi's Spiffy Diffy Web Page", this petition site includes sections for the USA, Canada (English & French), and the UK.

It also has an attached message board (The SST Scratching Post) which I try to post as often as possible on.  My Screen-name there is 'Speedy SPC Leader'.

To get directly to the SST site anytime without having to come here, just use the button in the right-most column....the one that flashes "Samurai Savings Time"

This is a petition that is a spoof on the "Save Our Sailors" campaign that came about when Sailor Moon left airwaves in 1996.  It isn't as active as the above mentioned petition.....I'm not sure if it's even STILL active anymore, but I put the link here for safety's sake until I do get word that this petition is officially dead.

Finally, here's a link that will lead you to a simple form.  Use this if you wish to send Fox Family a little message (..a polite message, mind you) telling them you wish to see SPC in their lineup.  Since Fox now has complete control of Saban's backlog of shows, there is no better time than now to respond and let them know.  

 The reason I started the SPC on VHS & DVD petition, is because I'm starting to see a LOT of older anime or lesser known anime getting issued onto those formats nowadays rather than re-airing on TV.  On TV it risks getting pulled off air (again) due to bad ratings, and because the market for anime on TV right now is pretty tight.  Cartoon Network has their 'Toonami' hands full, WB has Pokemon & the highly successful Card Captor Sakura, and Fox Kids' Digimon is still doing fairly well.

For the record, Fox Family Worldwide still owns rights to SPC.....in fact, for the next 10 years.  This is why I've aimed the petition at Fox.

As for you fans of subtitled anime out there....you're kinda out of luck with SPC, as I'm sure the KNT masters in Japan are pretty much off-limits for domestic release or collecting dust at Tatsunoko's studio vaults.  I wouldn't doubt that by now they're destroyed....although I would hate to think this.


Whether you're a veteran Pizza Cats fan like myself, or have just finished going through my SPC pages and other SPC sites, and want to see the series for yourself, you have to let your voice be heard.  Otherwise, the SPC master tapes will remain sitting in Fox's video vaults forever....collecting dust bunnies, or the worse scenario is that they may delete older titles from their catalog of shows, which SPC is one of them, and the masters will be lost, forever....that is.....unless another distributor picks them up.



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