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A Note To Visitors:

If you had trouble accessing this site over the weekend, it was due to a glitch in Tripod's servers.  Apparently they accidentally deleted a random number of sites along with ones that 'truly' violated their Terms of Service.  

By truly violated, I mean sites in which had pornographic material, racist remarks, threats, or a newer rule that states you can't use them (Tripod or it's sister sitehost, Angelfire) for remote loading of files or graphics.  An example of remote loading is if you keep your images @ Tripod, but have them linked to a site you have on Yahoo / Geocities.  This is bad practice anyways from the start as it eats up the host's bandwidth, which in this time where the Internet economy isn't so hot.....is the LAST thing we need.  

My apologies to those who are frequent visitors, as there was nothing I could do to remedy the problem.  However, everything is back up and running again, and it seems as though nothing was lost. :-)

If you do happen upon dead links, let me know right away.  Email and IM contact info is over on the left.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled anime fan site.

Catch up on the latest anime news and happenings!!  Scroll down to the
"Anime News / Site Updates" portion of this page.

~~ Attention To All & Anime Fans!! ~~

I have started up a Petition.  The goal:  To let SPC have the fair DVD/VHS re-issue treatment like that of other older anime series.  It will allow old fans to rediscover and enjoy the series all over again, and for the fans who would have been made had it not gotten pulled off air so quickly.

To go read more about it, and to sign the petition, click on the banner below!

A note before you sign it.  This is a SERIOUS petition!  No fake or fictional names.  In other words, don't sign this under an 'alias' like what you would use to ID yourself as on the 'Net.  Do so, and your signature will be dropped.

Help me by spreading the word to other fellow anime fans, and those who may remember this series.  It's long overdue for a reissue.

Welcome to my little niche on the 'Net dedicated to one of the fastest growing genres in entertainment......that of Japanese Animation, more commonly known as 'Anime'.  This is a place mainly for those of you who may be newcomers to anime, but even veteran anime otaku may find something of interest here as well.  

For the newcomers, there is the "Anime Basics" section.....sort of a primer on the anime medium, and it's history; newbies to anime should start there.  Other things include an article on how I got swept into the anime medium, and there's also a page with the most common debates within anime fandom that have sometimes caused heated arguments among fans.

The next 4 sections focus on some of the most popular anime in the last 5 years. Including a full-scale section on 'Samurai Pizza Cats', which right now, is off the air (although myself and some other die-hard fans are pushing for it's return).  See the poll to the right for more info.

Finally, there is a section of pages dealing with other anime that I've seen and liked for quite some time now.  They are anime that I don't plan on evolving into huge shrines like with the other 4 sections as there is just WAAAAY too much info and they would each need a site of their own to cover it.  They are worth honorable mentions however, so that is why I decided to throw up a page or 2 on each title.  These are titles worth checking out.

The fan fiction that has been here since my early days of running "Ash's Pokemon Center" are still here, as well as all my MIDIfied versions of various songs from Pokemon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher, with SPC and other anime MIDIs to come soon.  Finally the Links page has been checked for dead links (which should be gone now) and I've restocked it with some fresh new links to sites you can check out when you've finished your exploring here.

Any typos, mistakes in names, plots, histories, etc?  Please let me know ASAP so I can correct the error promptly.


With all that said and done, there's not much left to do, except to enjoy the site!


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News / Site updates:

Lack of Updates / "Pokemon Movie 3" opens / New Digimon ep. Tomorrow....
4 / 6 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

My apologies for not updating as much as I said I would.  Unfortunately, 2 things...a real life, and my class work.....have taken up the bulk of my time.  I Promise when everything calms down for me (which will be around May 10th)....a big update.

With that aside now, first I'd like to thank those who have signed the 'SPC on VHS/DVD' petition thus far.  We have over 100 signatures, but we'll need more if we're going to convince the people @ Fox that there IS a demand for this series.  

Second, there's a new Digimon ep tomorrow morning @ 9:30 (CDT) / 10:30 (E/PDT).  Check listings for your Fox stations.  I've been hearing complaints of West Coast viewers missing Digimon due to Fox's preempting the show for their NASCAR broadcasts.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I, or anyone for that matter,  can do about this, so you'll have to hang tight until re-runs during the week.  

"Pokemon: The Movie 3" opened today.  I will not be going to see it though.  I'll wait it out until the DVD comes out this late summer/early fall.  Which also reminds me....I will get the movie plot soon and put it up here @ this site.

Well I think that's all.  Ja ne, till next time.


Tripod servers / SPC VHS / DVD petition is underway! / Other news....
3 / 20 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Tripod Sites go Down:

As stated above, this past weekend, Tripod's software which detects and deletes sites that violate its Terms of Service, seemed to have went on a deleting rampage.....booting off sites (including this one) that otherwise do not (or at least try not to) violate anything stated in the ToS documents.  Of course, as you can see now, I'm back, as I decided to stick around. 

Most site owners, including myself, believed it was due to the fanfiction on the closed sites.  My site has fanfiction, but I have read all of them during the editing process to post on this site, and none that I know of have any offensive material (ie: pornography, racist remarks, bigotry, etc).

Help get the 'Samurai Pizza Cats' on VHS tapes / DVDs !!:

The SPC VHS / DVD petition has begun.  Click on the banner above (scroll up) to get there.  Read and sign it....we need as many signatures as possible.  Fox Family Worldwide now has full control of Saban's library, which includes SPC, Digimon, Power Rangers, and various other kids' live and animé series.

Other News / Site News:

I missed the past weekend's Digimon episode.  I heard it was good, so I'll have to watch the re-runs and catch it.  I've been getting busy with class work (Finally learning Javascript), and it's keeping me up all night....aaaaaahhhh!!! (screams) :-P

If you haven't noticed, I updated the episode lists for Pokemon and Digimon 02, as I found out I was a bit behind on those.  They should be current now.

Ah yes, and the "Other Anime Titles' section, well..I'll get to that when classes are over with.  For the "Dragon Ball" pages, please note, I am ONLY going to focus on the FUNimation / SeaGull Ent. version that was syndicated in 1995-1996, which I have on DVD.  I do understand the original syndicated episodes have been re-dubbed and will run in it's new form on Cartoon Network later this month, (this will put the DVD and VHS tapes put out by TriMark Entertainment, out of print).  With Dragon Ball being well over 150 episodes....there's no way I could do it.  I don't get the channel.....no cable/satellite :-(   I apologize to the many fans of this series.  I shall make it up by scouring the 'net for links to good Dragon Ball / DBZ sites.

As for the other 3 anime there (Kenshin, Slayers, & Ranma), I have yet to decide on what I want to include in them.

Ja Ne till next update.


Updates and other things....
3 / 17 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"
Been a while since my last update here.  Well I have some great news!!  Digimon is getting a THIRD Season, and I have put up a preview section up for it.  It's not much right now, but this series will be TOTALLY different from 01 and 02.  Go and find out more.

Also, the SPC VHS/DVD poll has been dropped.  Why?  Because I have started something even better.  I have started an online petition to get Fox/Saban to re-issue SPC onto DVD or possibly both DVD (For the die-hard SPC and anime fans) and VHS (to reach a broader consumer market).  See the "SPC Petitions" page or at the top of this page for more info, and a link to the petition.

New Digimon episode aired today, called "Kyoto Dragon".  This arc of Digimon 02 is getting really good, and next week is an episode ALL Digimon fans have been waiting for.....it's the Christmas episode, and Tai & Sora's relationship takes a wild turn in it, so don't dare miss it!! 

Finally, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ja Ne till next update.


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