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The Bad Digimon

Here they are Digi-fans.  The Digimon who try so hard to finish off the Digi-Destined.....yet they never really succeed.  Also here are who I consider the "neutrals".....Digimon who acted both good and bad at some point, or don't fit into either category

Evil Digimon: (The Bad Guys)

Devimon.gif (20848 bytes)

The first major baddie we run into in the series is Devimon.  He's also known as the Fallen Angel Digimon.   He's responsible for several things.....sending Black Gears into otherwise "good" Digimon, and turning them into evil Digimon, and also splitting up File Island....in turn seperating the Digi-Destined.  After the Digi-destined find eachother again, and with the help of TK's Digimon (now digivolved into Angemon at that point) Devimon was permanantly "deleted"

(Later known as MetalEtemon for 2 eps)
etemon.gif (7226 bytes)

After the defeat of Devimon, we run into this so-called "rock and roll" legend of a Digimon (as he puts it).  Don't bother listening to his hits...they're horrible, and his schemes to rid of the Digidestined were also of that nature.  First he takes over a village where many Koromon lived.....then he sets up his Dark Network on the continent of Server, in which all connections lead to a huge upside-down pyramid.  Then the worst comes when he kidnaps Sora.  Thankfully MetalGreymon was able to destroy Etemon and his Dark Network.  He makes a return for 2 episodes in the Darkmasters Saga as MetalEtemon, but again.....fails to rid of the Digi-Destined.

Myotismon.gif (4808 bytes)

With the Digi-destined split AGAIN after Etemon's defeat, they reconverge through a series of episodes....eventually getting back home to look for Kari, the 8th Digi-destined child.   Their coming back is far from peaceful though....for as soon as they get home, weird things start happening, and a thick fog blankets a major section of the city.   This is the work of Myotismon.....the most evil Digimon the group has met thus far at this point in the show.  He is ALSO looking for Kari, but his intentions are far from good...they're EVIL.  Not only the fog puts the city at a standstill, he also takes the Digidestineds' parents (and many other people) hostage, and puts them to sleep.  Kari is eventually found.  After a series of battles, Myotismon is defeated.........or is he?  He soon then comes back as Venomyotismon.  It takes Kari's, and TK's Digimon in their Ultimate forms, and Tai's and Matt's Digimon in their Mega forms to finally rid of Venomyotismon for good.

The Dark Masters:

There are 4 members to the Darkmasters:


This should be the correct order in which the Digi-Destined had to defeat.  Piedmon is the strongest of the 4.  The fan favorite seems to be Puppetmon, who had the longest tenture of all the Dark masters, not including Piedmon.

Finally, there is Apocalyamon, a combo of the Dark Masters.  He had the shortest arc of the series, but his plans were as evil as they could get.  The Digi-Destined came THIS () CLOSE to biting the dust when they tried to battle him the first time.

Other Digimon: (Neutrals)


When we first see him, he seems evil.  However, when we finally realize he's there to give Kari her crest/tag, he is actually fighting on the allies' side.  His stay is shortlived however.  Eventually Myotismon finds him....realizes he's being a traitor, and ultimately 'kills' him.  He seems to be a favorite of many fans, despite his short run of about 3-5 episodes (Specifically "Eighth Child Revealed" thru "Wizardmon's Gift") although he appeard in 1-2 episodes beforehand.  He also makes a cameo appearance as a 'ghost' in Digimon 02.



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