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The Good Cats

Here's the group of Little Tokyo citizens who keep the city in order.


The Pizza Cats:

The Samurai Pizza Cats are the main defense team in Little Tokyo.  They run a highly successful pizza franchise within the city called "Pizza Cat", and this also serves as a cover-up to their REAL job.....that of defending the citizens from the evil-doings of Seymour 'Big' Cheese.  More on that 'rat' later though.

Speedy Cerviche:
Japanese Name:  Yattaro

Height: 4' 4"
Hair: Brown (maybe??)
Eyes: Blue/Green
Weapons: Shurkien
                   Ginzu Sword
                   Binky (normal blade)
Special Attack: Cat's-Eye Slash
Status: Leader of the SPC,
               pizza delivery


The leader of the Pizza Cats.  Speedy may not seem much like one at first glance.  Still, he IS the leader and there's good reason.  One being, that he's got one of the most powerful finishing moves.....the 'Cat's-Eye Slash', which he executes through the use of his 'Magical' Ginzu Sword, combined with his normal sword (which he named 'Binky').  If the Ginzu ends up in the wrong hands however, the results can prove disastrous.

Speedy's other major job is in the pizza business.  He is usually the one sent out to deliver orders in the city.  More often than not, his deliveries are anything BUT smooth sailing.....something usually gets screwed up, or he gets sidetracked by Lucille.  Most of the time, he ends up getting a frying pan over the head, courtesy of Polly for his failed deliveries.

Speaking of Speedy & Polly, it isn't revealed until the series finale, but they do share feelings for each other.

Polly Esther (Ester):
Japanese Name:  Pururun

Height: 4' 5"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Heart-Shaped Shurkien
                   Katana (Sword)
                   Flute (with magic power)
                   Very Sharp Claws
Special Attack: Heartbreaker 
(I made that up....since it has no known name in the series)
Status: Samurai Pizza Cat
               pizza delivery / making pizza


Now every team of fighters, no matter what series they're from, has to have at least one serious member to the team.  SPC is no exception, and Polly gets the role of being the 'serious' group member.  Whether it be out battling evil, or back at the pizza parlor, Polly doesn't tolerate Speedy's and Guido's nature of slacking off.....she literally gets her point across with them in most episodes, usually by means of whacking them over the head with her trusty frying pan.

However, when under control, her temperament can prove deadly to any villains that cross her path (or step on her tail).  She can either lure them in with her 'Passion Power of Love' where she brings them in close enough, then she flashes off her $10 manicure at them, and claws them severely.  If she's really angry, Polly will resort to her finishing move, the Heart-Breaker, performed with her sword and magic flute.  This attack can prove just as deadly (if not more) as Speedy's Cat's Eye Slash.  The flute, by the way, is of sentimental value to Polly, as it was signed by her role model....Garfield.  (Yes, anime fans, 'THAT' Garfield)

Polly isn't all fighting and keeping the group in-check though.  She does get the time to do things she enjoys.  One of those things was teaming up with Lucille and the both of them formed a pop-rock outfit named "The Pointless Sisters".  That didn't last too long however, as you'll notice in the "Singing Samurai Sensations" episode.

Now it isn't noticeable at first, but Polly sort of has a thing for Speedy.  However, it is hard for her to get it out in the open.....up until the final episodes.

Guido Anchovy:
Japanese Name:  Sukashi

Height: 4' 7"
Hair: Dark brown (maybe?)
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: Shurkien
                   Katana (Sword)
                   Sunspot Umbrella
Special Attack: (no known name)
Status: Samurai Pizza Cat
               pizza delivery / making pizza


Every group has it's member who just likes to show-off or drools over the girls.  In this case, Guido is the one who excels in those areas.  

Guido always fancies himself or his accomplishments, thus making him sort of cocky in attitude.  Also, his hitting on girls, depending on the situation, can sometimes prove bad for the group as a whole.  His constant pursuing to get a date with Lucille tends to drive Speedy up the wall as well.  However, he still takes his jobs as a pizza delivery person, and a Samurai Pizza Cat, seriously, so it is unlikely of him to screw something up when it comes to those departments.

Guido's main weapon of choice is the Samurai Sunspot Umbrella, and he uses it to its fullest advantage, like putting villains in a hypnotic state, whacking away or shielding himself from any projectiles that come his way, or if he gets really mad, he can unleash his sword (which is embedded within the umbrella's shaft) and then, standing on top of the umbrella as it floats in mid-air, focus his energy into the blade, then releasing it in a powerful slash that can prove deadly to anyone in it's path.

Francine Manx:
Japanese Name:  Otama

Height: 4' 4"
Hair: Brown/Orange
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: Frying Pan :P
Special Attack: ----
Status: Owner/Manager of 'Pizza Cat' Pizzeria and operator of the launch on the top of the restaurant.


I'm pretty darned sure that many traditional or e-businesses would love to have Francine as a head of the company.  Also, its obvious (the color of her dress is a dead giveaway) that her favorite color is the color of money.  ^_^  
Besides managing money well.....which is one of her favorite things.....money, she also gets on Speedy's and Guido's case if they happen to be slacking off....she doesn't like slackers, but this is more or less left up to Polly to contend with.  

Francine has little (if ANY) fighting experience, but she can be just as good with a frying pan as Polly is.  She sends the Pizza Cats into battle via a huge gun-shaped cannon/launcher built onto the roof of the pizza parlor.  Unfortunately, her aim needs a little work, since the Cats usually end up in a crash landing about 99.9% of the time.  Then she mainly stays behind, keeping a close watch on the Pizza Cats......well, more often than not, she's reading the latest issue of Catmopolitan, but that is until trouble arises with the Pizza Cats.

Whenever Speedy rings the bell around his neck, it sends a signal back to Francine, telling her there's trouble, and they'll need backup.  This back-up system comes from a group of 'other' Pizza Cats (described below), called 'The Rescue Team' or 'B-Team'.

One more tidbit about Francine, is that she once dated a deer by the name of 'Bucky'....unfortunately, the episode that centered on this relationship was dropped in the USA run of SPC, whereas, it has been shown everywhere else.

The Rescue Team (B-Team):
Consists of 4 Cats, each representing an elemental.  The accompanying images are thumbnails so you may want to click on them for a larger version. 

'Meowzma' (Earth)                                'General Catton' (Fire)
b_team_meowzma.jpg (23976 bytes)                                   b_team_catton.jpg (21263 bytes)

'Spritz T. Cat' (Water)                       'Bat Cat' (Air)
b_team_spritz.jpg (20294 bytes)                                  b_team_batcat.jpg (18799 bytes)

Special Attack: All their power packs combine into 'The Super-Duper Wonder Weapon'.  Corny name, but it holds the villans off until the Cats have gathered their strength back to finish a battle.  They can also combine 2 or 3 packs to create other silly, but sometimes useful weapons.
Status: The 'back-up' team of Pizza Cats


One or more of the Rescue Team's members is called in by Francine whenever the 'main' Pizza Cats are in a jam.  They are sometimes also known as 'The B-Team'.  Each also runs a pizza parlor within or outside of Little Tokyo, creating a chain of Pizza Cat restaurants, if you want to call it that.  

The New York Pizza Cats:
The American Equivalent of Little Tokyo's Samurai Pizza Cats.  These felines keep order within New York City.  They are only seen in one episode, which was sadly, not shown in the USA, thus I don't have any inside info on these Cats.

From L to R on the image:
Dee Dee, Sundance, & Cosmo 




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