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The Digimon Story

The story begins with seven kids; Tai, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Matt, T.K., and Mimi. They were all at summer camp having fun, and doing the things they did best.  Then a freak snowstorm hit. They were outside when it happened, and suddenly, 7 small gadgets fell from the sky. As soon as they grabbed them, they  were sucked into the Digital World, thus starting an adventure they would soon not forget.

When they arrived, they were each greeted by a small monster.  These monsters were known as "Digimon" as in "digital monsters".  Tai's monster, named Koromon, was sitting on his chest when he woke up. Izzy's monster, a small pink Motimon, found him, and they walked around until finding Sora, who was talking to a small pink Yocomon. Mimi ran up to the others, a Tanemon following. Matt walked up with a kawaii yellow Tsunomon under his arm, and TK followed him with a small Tokomon on his head. Noticing Joe wasn't there, they looked a round until they heard him scream. He came running up, a Bukamon flying after him (Flying fish?). As they began to adjust, Kuwagamon flew up, attacking them. The small Digimon attacked, using their bubbles, a move that distracts their enemy so they can escape. They did, but he followed them to a cliff. The Digimon jumped away from their friends, attacking. Suddenly,  beams of light hit them, their bodies growing. They attacked with fierce and more powerful attacks, but were driven off a cliff.  They fall into a river, then after a while, end up on shore.  Then 6 of the Digimon eventually Digivolve into their Champion forms (each one getting it's own episode to do so)

They then meet Devimon, the fallen angel digimon. He wanted to control File Island, the place they were located. He lured the kids to a house, and somehow separated them all, distributing them on the island, and making the island separate into pieces. Taichi and Agumon met up with Yamato and Gabumon, and they stuck together, searching for the others. Mimi and Palmon met up with Koushiro and Tentomon, and reversed their small island to go back to the original position on the island. Sora and Biyomon "caught" Joe and Gomamon while fishing, and defeated ghost digimon! Takeru and Patamon met Elecmon in  PrimaryVillage, and stayed their waiting for the others, and helping to care for the baby Digimon.

They all met up again, and after freeing Leomon and learning of their destiny, they all rode back to the main island. Devimon absorbed Ogremon and about 7 or 8 black gears, making him grow huge! The champion Digimon tried,  but couldn't defeat him! When Devimon tried to capture TK, Patamon became saddened that he could not digivolve and save TK, but he leapt in the way of Devimon's giant claw! He became enraged, and TK's Digivice shone brightly! A beam of light hit Patamon as Devimon let go. The other six digivices shone, and gave the energy of the  champion  Digimon to Patamon. He  Digivolved to Angemon, Devimon's natural enemy, and the DigiDestined's only hope. "I'll stop you!" Angemon cried, blasting all his energy through Devimon, defeating him. But with  no power left, he began to fade away, like Devimon. They both faded out of sight, Angemon's feathers flying in front of TK. They seemed to digivole into a small orange-striped egg! TK vowed to take good care of it.

Suddenly, an old wiseman (he looks like one), Gennai, appeared in a hologram. He told them of the trouble on the continent of Server, Etemon was ruining the place! He explained there were tags and crests, enabling the Digimon to digivolve further.  The kids (now known by this time as the "Digi-Destined") all then went to Server and found their tags and crests.   This allowed their Digimon to digivolve farther.  The first to do this was Agumon....but only AFTER a failed attempt made Greymon Digivolve into SkullGreymon.   Tai realized he was afraid to let Greymon digivolve farther.  After a few more episodes, he finally had the courage to let Greymon digivolve...thus making him MetalGreymon.  He then sent Etemon into his own network, causing a portal to appear...which sucked Tai and his Digimon back to the real world.

Of course, I could go on, but I'll leave the rest for all you fans to find out.

Digimon can ONLY be seen on Fox Kids weekdays (Mon.- Fri.) and Saturdays, and on Fox Family.  Go to www.tvguide.com, www.zap2it.com, or check your local TV/cable listings for time and channel in your local newspaper's TV guide.



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