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Vs. Kyattou Ninden Teyandee

I know most of you here, have only heard of SPC, and nothing at all about Japan's counterpart, Kyattou Ninden Teyandee, or KNT for short.

First things first.  'Pizza Cats', unlike most of today's TV anime, was not a direct translation of the Japanese scripts.  The reason to this is because the Japanese original had too many cultural references and 'possible' offending remarks and/or quotes.  Thus, SPC's team of writers came up with all new plots to go along with the animation.

To this day, SPC is unique in its own right, because even among all the 'mon' anime and whatever else these companies throw out onto TV, it still holds up as being the only recent anime series on TV that is a complete re-write.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are still, other differences between SPC and KNT.  Another noticeable one is the opening title sequence, which in KNT, was all original and completely different from the English version, which just used clips from various episodes.  The only thing used from the Japanese opening was the few seconds of animation where Guido spins his umbrella and swings it up over his head, at which pont the screen freezes and we see the English title of the episode appear.  The "Sam-ur-i Piz-za Cats" logo that flashes peice-by-peice on screen was also added into the opening, thus it is new, and was not part of KNTs opening.

The music is another big difference.  In KNT, the music set the moods for whatever scene was happening (which is what true anime music is supposed to do).  In the English version, Saban and Levy decided to compose more 'pop' and 'cartoony' sounding music.  The theme song goes from a traditional Japanese melody in it's first 2 bars, then breaks out into a typical Saban/Levy peice full of clichés and slogans.  For example:

"They've got more fur than any Turtle ever had...."

Obvious spoof on TMNT, which was still very popular at the time SPC was in the translation process.  By 1996, TMNT was all but vanished from people's minds, so hearing this line, turned away a LOT of possible veiwership to the series, denoting it as a TMNT ripoff.  (I see a connection here, SPC vs TMNT / Pokemon vs Digimon......hmmmmmmm??)

Or how about this:

"They're stronger than dirt!"

..A slogan from an old Ajax (dishwashing detergent) commercial.

Other little bits of SPC/KNT trivia:

--> Many of SPC's Episode titles derive from titles of popular songs, or puns on popular sayings or phrases.

--> Speedy's relationship with Polly grew as KNT progressed, whereas in the English version, he was all over Lucille until the final episodes, when he finally admitted he had deep feelings for Polly.  This is the fault of the writers.

--> In SPC, Big Cheese is portrayed and referred to as a rat.  However, in KNT, he is portrayed as a fox.  Why this is, I do not know.  Maybe the script writers felt that our favorite SPC villain looked more like a rat than a fox.  Head for the Image gallery, and make your own judgment.

--> The citizens (including the Cats) in SPC are portrayed as living flesh and blood beings, or if you wanna get technical....anthropomorphic creatures.  In KNT, however, they are portrayed as robots who are born instead of built.  This may explain why Big Cheese explodes.....obviously something the writers couldn't get around.

--> KNT had its share of promotional efforts in Japan.  Toys, a fan-made manga series, and a few soundtrack CDs were put out.  In fact, one song from KNT's soundtrack, "To Be Yourself", topped Japanese pop charts for a while back in 1990, and was released later on as a single.

The USA and everyone else, however, got nothing as far as SPC related stuff is concerned, except for a 'movie' (which I'll get to in another page).  This is partly why SPC failed on TV.....poor promotional efforts by Saban, as they were more concerned about their 'Power Rangers' series than their syndicated series.  In today's 'monster filled' world, they'd have almost NO problem in this department.

As you go through the SPC/KNT section, you're going to find other little bits of info that I've picked up from KNT/SPC related webpages....some things you probably never knew, and I never knew at the time I watched SPC.


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