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The Supporting Cats

Good vs. Evil isn't the only premise in Little Tokyo.  There's other characters who either support or do more harm than good to the main casts.  Here's a quick look at most (if not all) the supporting cast who carry the series onward.


The Governing Branch of Little Tokyo:

Emperor Fred:
Status: Emperor of Little Tokyo


Fred is the city's Emperor, but he isn't quite with the game.  His childish mentality keeps his vocabulary to a bare minimum.....usually that of his name.  (Fa-rred!).  In a few cases however, he became mentally sane (see "Cold & Crabby in Little Tokyo" to get my drift), thus having the Cats to go out and find a cure to his 'illness'.  He is also into skat singing.

Because of Fred's mental state, most of the ruling is done by his daughter.....who is........

Princess Violet (Vi):
Status: Princess of Little Tokyo



Probably the most famous line to EVER come the entire SPC series.  This is what the Princess does to those citizens who break some pointless rule, or get her upset or mad.  She is a self-centered brat of a princess who pretty much has the whole monarchy under her control, thus they do anything and everything she tells them.

Empress Frieda:
Status: Empress of Little Tokyo


Frieda isn't seen a lot.  This is because she travels around the world.  When she does make her stops in Little Tokyo, the first thing she'll do is to see how well her daughter (Princess Vi) can fend off her attacks....those being kicks, punches, and a ridiculously huge bazooka.  Some people wonder why someone like her would be with someone mentally insane as Emperor Fred, but anyone's guess on that is as good as mine.

Big Al Denté (Big Al):
Status: Unknown, but it's safe to assume he's head of security for Little Tokyo.


When the Pizza Cats need to be called or sent on a mission, this is the one that handles that area.  He usually scopes out the city or listens in on the gossip within the Palace or the city, and when he hears of a nasty plot to take over the city and/or it's government, Big Al calls on the Pizza Cats to handle the job.

Other Friends:
These guys/girls don't do much to carry on the main plot of the series, but they do play certain roles in the main characters' lives.

Status: Runs a tea shop within the city
              Was one half of the "Pointless
              Sisters", a band her and Polly


Lucille is a girl of many emotions, most run so high that they cause her to launch missiles from the top of her head.  Speedy and Guido are both attracted to her and each goes all out in trying to satisfy Lucille.  Speedy has also gotten himself in a few pickles when it comes to Lucille....to prove this, see "Speedy's Double Time Trick".

She is one half of the "Pointless Sisters"...Polly is the other.

Mama-San and Junior:
Status: They poke fun at the Pizza Cats
when the Cats are launched into the sky.


Not much is known about these 2 dogs.  Other than the fact that in just about every episode, they poke fun at the Cats when they've just been launched into the sky.  They also got their chance to launch the Cats (and did a good job of it too).

It is rumored that these 2 are the wife and child of Big Al, and that to me is a fair assumption, however, there isn't much evidence other than a short set of lines said by them in the final episode to really support this theory.

Guru Lou:
Status: Mad scientist


OK, so this guy's inventions for the most part, never work.  Like one time, where he created a potion that sent Polly and Francine running as fast as the Road Runner through the entire world, and fire was coming out of their mouths.  (probably stuck in a wee bit too much jalapeno pepper powder into the formula......hehehe :P)

However, one of them, did work and it would become a very crucial tool for the Pizza Cats to succeed in most of their battles.  That invention, was the Supreme Catatonic, a giant Gundam-like robot that Guido and Polly usually piloted up until the final episode, when Speedy and Bad Bird took the controls.

Status: Bad Bird's childhood sweetheart


Carla & Bad Bird were boy crow/girl crow (if you want to call it that) when Bad Bird was still living in his home village.  However, the 2 got torn apart when they went to pursue their interests.  

Towards the end of the series, however, Bad Bird finally realizes how much he missed Carla and decided that after one more mission, that he would get back together with her, for good.

Status: A girl Guido had the hots for


She only got a one episode stint in the entire series.  Guido fell for her when she couldn't see that well and thought Guido was just some handsome guy (probably the voice did it.....who knows?).  She eventually found her glasses and took one look at Guido, then told him that she was taken, by someone uglier than him.

What's a cat to do, huh?  :)

Status: The deer Francine liked                             No Pic Available


Finally, rounding out the cast is Bucky, a deer which Francine met ("Gender Bender Butterflies" ep, which was not shown in the USA).  Other than that info, there's nothing much more I can say about him, except that after that episode, Francine decided to dump him and find herself someone who was filthy rich, as she states in the second-to-last episode.



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