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General Info & Short History

I would guess many of you have heard of the PSX games, Monster Rancher 1 & 2.  Both are fairly popular, and like with Pokemon, they allow you to carry a whole mess of monsters and train them to fight.  The difference here though is you 'unlock' discs (You put your own audio CDs into the PSX console) to get new monsters.....each one is different and you'll never know what you get.

However, that's not all there is to Monster Rancher.  There is/was also an anime series to go along with the popular game of the same name.  Because this site is an 'anime' site, that is what the focus will be on...the anime series "Monster Rancher"

Titled "Monster Farm" in Japan, Monster Rancher started its run in Japan in April 1998.  Bohobot Entertainment picked up the series for its BKN syndication block in 1999 and started airing it in September of that year.  However, it failed due to poor time slots (mainly 6:30 AM for most people), and pulled BKN down to the point of non-existance.  (as of this page's publishing, BKN is no longer around on TV)  Thus, Monster Rancher made the move over to FOX, where it resides today.  It started on both Fox Family, and Fox Kids, but failed miserably due to Pokemon and Digimon on the network side of things, so they cut it back to just a Fox Family running, where it has proved moderately successful.

Due, to its runaround on TV, and no access to Fox Family, I've had to watch this series through VHS (like I do with most other anime I enjoy).  Although it's not the most imaginative of plots --Kid gets sucked into his copy of MR and has to save the world there to get back home via some secret Disk with a Phoenix in it.... :P--, it's not the worst that I've heard of.  The animation quality is alright, the voice staff did fairly well.  And the soundtrack is one of the better ones I've heard for dubbed anime on TV.....theres no borrowed tracks from other shows, like some dubbed anime does to cut corners in costs.

The series has finished its run on Fox Family.  All 48 eps were translated and aired, which is rare for anime on American TV....as an ep or 2 usually gets dropped due to censors here in most series.  Only Gundam Wing and Digimon have repeated this feat.

As of this time, there is a 3rd TV season in the works, and should be set to run soon.  Also 'Monster Rancher 3' for PSX/PSX 2 is on the way as well.  Keep checking back here for updates as to when and where both will appear.


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