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Although the series never intended for us to believe there are actual 'couples' here, most fans like to pair up the Digi-Destined.  You see it all over, in fan-fiction and in fan art.  Some of it is straight, but be forewarned.....some of it goes slightly over the top.

This is just a page I decided to put up to let all you know who I think goes well with who among the Digi-Destined.  You may agree or disagree with some or all of my decisions....feel free to give me your opinions.

Couple 1: Tai + Sora (Taiora)

This one's a no-brainer.  The movie was the big hint.  Tai does show some feelings for Sora, and why not.....they've known each other for a long time. 

Couple 2: Tai + Matt (Taito)

This is a HUGE fan favorite, although it IS yaoi (guy+guy), which I don't totally support.  I felt I better include it unless I want a gazillion flame e-mails for NOT including this couple.  

Couple 3: Izzy + Mimi (Koushimi)

My reason for this couple....just watch "Clue From the Digi-Past".  Not the biggest of hints, but it shows that once you peel Izzy away from his laptop, he does turn out to be a guy who cares about the opposite gender.

Couple 4: Izzy + Yolei

I had to put this one up.  These 2 DO share the same interests pretty much.

Couple 5: TK + Kari (Takari)

Another no-brainer here.  I forgot the episode name, but in Digimon 02, each admitted that they care about each other......a lot.  :)

Couple 6: Davis + Kari (Daikari)

Due to the above couple (Takari) more or less set in stone now, it looks like it leaves Davis in the dust.  Poor Davis, huh....he needs a break. :P

Couple 7: Joe + Mimi

Not totally sure about this one.  It may work, but I don't know how much attention Mimi would be getting due to Joe always concentrating on his studies.


There are other couplings that exist out there in Digimon fandom, however, these are the ones that myself and/or most fans think are the most coherent.



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