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The Bad Cats

Now, a series about a group of cats who fight evil and run a pizza parlor would be pretty boring right?  Right.  Well, it's never boring, thanks to this group of evildoers who try each day (or should I say....each episode) to do one of 2 things, or both:  Defeat the Pizza Cats and take over Little Tokyo, thus overthrowing it's current government.


The Villians:

Seymour 'The Big' Cheese:
Status: Prime Minister
              of Little Tokyo


When it comes down to using up Little Tokyo's reserve of money to devise plots to overthrow the Pizza Cats, this is the one behind it all.  The Big Cheese's plans usually end up backfiring though, thanks to the Pizza Cats, and anytime he hears the bad news, he gets angry and blows up, usually when Bad Bird or Jerry Atrick are around.  He is also prone to cross-dressing quite a lot.  He eventually, got fired from his position, and in his rage, let out his ultimate plot in the final episode....to destroy Little Tokyo with use of an incoming comet.  (I shall not spoil the rest of it)

In my pages, he will be denoted as a rat, however, his original KNT counterpart is portrayed as a fox.  Something supposedly got screwed up when SPC was in the scriptwriting stages.

Jerry Atrick:
Status: Big Cheese's 'right hand man'


Whenever Big Cheese has a plan set up to crush the Cats, he usually turns to this old crow for advice or to have his armies of Ninja Crows build his robots, and attack the Pizza Cats.

Oh yeah, and he is bald under that helmet.

Bad Bird:(Good Bird as of ep 53)
Status: Leader of the Ninja Crows
              (and Speedy's rival)


The main villain who chases after the Pizza Cats, but he usually ends up fighting Speedy most of the time.  It even comes down to him wanting to get rid of Speedy once and for all (in the "Bad Bird Uncaged" set of episodes).  He sometimes gets the help of 'The Rude Noise' as well.

However, by the end of the series, he discovers that he can use his powers to fight on the good side.  Thus, he earns the title of "Good Bird" at that point.

He also has a child-hood sweetheart named Carla, who is shown in 4 episodes.

The Rude Noise:
Bad Max (Crow Magnon)
Mojo Rojo
Ronnie Geismuller
Cannonball Batterly
Status: Heavy metal band, 
              turned Pizza Cat villians.


This clan of crows is sometimes hired out by the Big Cheese to do the dirty work of destroying our favorite felines.  Bad Max is their leader, and the group got their name because it's the name they go by in their heavy metal rock band.  They first appeared in the "Pizza Cats are Only Human" set of episodes.

They aren't without a weapon though.  This would be the Ninja Crowbot...used when they want to make quick work of the Pizza Cats.  Speedy usually ends up turning the 'bot' into scrap metal by the end of an episode though, making it pretty useless.


Disclaimer / Copyrights
 All titles mentioned, and all likenesses (Character designs, logos, names, etc, etc.) related to them are copyrights of their respected owners as described in the Disclaimer page.  This is a non profit fansite.  No challenge of ownership has been made, so don't come suing me....I dont have that kind of money.

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